Cherokee County Fair Association

Emergency Plan



The Emergency Plan implemented in this document is established in an effort to safeguard lives and property in the event or other incident that may occur during the annual Cherokee County Fair.  This document may also be used but not required by other Event Sponsors that utilize the Cherokee County Fairgrounds.


A.     Emergency –A sudden, generally unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances demanding immediate action to protect life and/or property.

B.     Disaster Emergency- An emergency, which requires the use of resources, personnel, equipment, facilities, and/or operational procedures beyond those normally available.

C.     Board-The members of the Cherokee County Fairboard.

D.     Comm Center- The joint communication center for Cherokee County, located in the LEC, 712-225-6728, or 911.

E.      Emergency Management- The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency, this agency may be reached through the Comm Center.

F.      Evacuation- The orderly movement of people from an endangered location.

G.     Sponsor-Any organization, private person, or business which shall utilize all or a portion of the fairgrounds for any period of time where the public may be in attendance for an event not under the direct control of the Board.


Types of Emergencies

1.       Natural Incidents (Severe weather, fire, flood)

2.      Medical Emergency Incident (Personal health or accident related)

3.      Industrial Incident (Hazardous materials, biological, human/animal contagion)

4.      Transportation Incident (Motorized vehicles)

5.      Civil Disorder (Domestic conflict, terrorism, rioting)

6.      Environmental Incident (Structural collapse, water/electrical failure)

Organizational Structure and Emergency  Responsibilities

The organizational structure is intended to be a line of authority for an emergent event that may or may not be listed in this plan.

1.       The Cherokee County Fairboard –Ultimately responsible for the overall event and function related to it.  The President/Designee, after consultation with the Board, and other appropriate officials, may declare an emergency to cause the grounds to be evacuated or secured.

2.      The Event Sponsor- Responsible individual person, organization or business that has rented the entire grounds or a portion of the fairgrounds will be held responsible for event/function during the time that the fairgrounds are rented. 

A.     Weather Related Incidents-

1.       Prior to any event the Board or Event Sponsor, shall obtain weather advisories from the National Weather Service to determine current and future weather conditions. 

2.      In the event that weather conditions warrant, during an event, monitoring the regional NOAA NWS , a weather radio is suggested to be utilized to track current Watches and Warnings.  The President/designee will appoint a person to monitor a weather radio.

3.      The Board or Event Sponsor shall consult with local Law Enforcement and/or appropriate officials to determine the need for an emergency declaration and possible evacuation or shelter in place.

B.      Medical Emergencies-

1.      When any medical emergency shall arise, immediate notification will be givent to the comm center, giving the nature of the incident, the location of the incident and the best route for EMS to gain access.  The caller should remain on the line until the EMS unit arrives.

2.      The Board/Event Sponsor should attempt to provide guidance and assistance to responding EMS units, to assist with crowd control, and assure that the EMS units transporting victims are not blocked from egress.

C.      Evacuations

1.       In the event of an incident such as an off-site Hazmat release, it may be necessary to evacuate the grounds in a rapid manner along specific routes for public safety.  These routes will be determined by the nature of the Hazmat release, and the location.  The comm center will be notified immediately for assistance from law enforcement and the local fire department. It is important to know as much as possible the type of Hazmat that is released. 

2.      In the event that the evacuation is due to a weather related incident, the Board/Event Sponsor will announce to the participants of an impending threat and the decision to evacuate the grounds.  The Board/Event Sponsor will direct participants to the designated routes to exit the grounds in a safe and efficient manner.  The Board/Event Sponsor will facilitate traffic by placing persons in the parking areas to direct the flow of traffic in a safe and efficient manner until law enforcement arrives.

D.      Emergency Response Actions-

1.      The Board/Event Sponsor will maintain a communication link on the fairgrounds to access the comm center.  This is accomplished with a dedicated land line that is activated during the duration of the fair.  An Event Sponsor is responsible for maintaining their own form of access to the comm center.  The Fair Office is the designated Command Center for the duration of the Cherokee County Fair or any event that is sponsored by the Board.  During events that are not sponsored by the Cherokee County Fairboard, the Event Sponsor will be responsible for designating their own Command Center.

2.      The President/Designee will serve as the intial “Incident Command” person in all emergent events that happen during any event sponsored by the Board.  The Event Sponsor will serve as the initial “Incident Command” person during the event that they have rented the grounds.  The Command position will be passed to the responding Emergency Response Agency that arrives on scene first.  At which time President/Designee or Event Sponsor may be used in the Incident Command Advisory Team. 

3.      The Board or Event Sponsor will coordinate all efforts of the staff and make these persons available for the responding Emergency agencies.

4.      It is not mandatory that those persons on the Board/Event Sponsor have training in Incident Command.  It is highly suggested that these entities have a base knowledge of the Incident Command System.

E.       Lost Child-

1.      Lost children are not uncommon, but consideration must always be given to the possibility of criminal involvement in these cases.

2.      The lost child recovery center is the Fair Office.

3.      In the event of a lost child being brought by a third party to the Fair Office, in immediate announcement should be made over the PA system.

4.      In the event that a parent/guardian presents with notice of a lost child, an immediate announcement will be made over the PA system.

a.       Documentation of the following will also be noted: time of lost child notice, with description of the person making the report. (Attachment 2)

b.      The person/designee making  the report should remain in the Fair Office while the Board/designees search for the child.  If the reporter is insistent on searching for the child, advise them to return to the office after finding child to report to law enforcement. 

c.       If the search for the lost child is successful, advise law enforcement of events.

d.      If after a reasonable time, the lost child is not located, call the comm center to report events.  Give all information to law enforcement upon their arrival to the Fair Office.





March 2010