The Heritagefest Narren

(masked characters)

These are the characters who make up the Heritagefest Narren.

They are a composite of everyday people who give color and life to communities everywhere. Each has his or her own peculiar personality and story, and is often looked upon as "the relative everybody has but nobody wants to own".

The Heritagefest Narren of New Ulm was started by Rita Waibel and Avonna Domeier in 1989 with two masks from Steinhilben, Germany. The Prairie Einwanderin, Hattie and Gretchen, with their goose, Frieda, were the first Narren characters to appear at Heritagefest.
During the next year, the Einwanderin met two delightful citizens from the village of Gans-Stadt, Otto and Gunther.

Like most small villages, word spread quickly, and soon, four more characters joined the fun; Fritz, the sausage maker, Rosa, the baker, Tilly, the feather lady, and Schatzie.
No village is complete without a mayor. Wilhelm, the mayor of Gans-Stadt, often presides over many of the Narren activities, and makes sure everything goes according to Narren protocol. 

After a long day of festing, the Narren sometimes gather at the local establishment owned by Anna, where entertainment is usually provided by Sepp, the unmusical musician.

A new and colorful character added to the group is Penella, the flower lady, who loves to share her flowers with friends. 

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